The Austin Prenatal Yoga Guide

A resource to help expecting mothers in Austin find prenatal (and postnatal) yoga.
There are many great prenatal yoga options in Austin. This guide is designed to help you find the right studio for you.

You're in the Right Place

Prenatal yoga has many benefits for expecting mothers. Whether you're interested in relieving some of the physical discomfort of pregnancy or you're looking to relieve the mental and emotional stress, prenatal yoga has been proven to be a positive experience for millions of women (and sometimes their partner!)

Once your child is born, many of these studios also offer postnatal classes. Combined with the right pediatric care in Austin, you'll be well on your way to harmony and peace of mind during this exciting time in your life.

Flow Yoga open_in_new

Flow Yoga offers both prenatal and postnatal yoga in all three of their Austin-area locations. The studio offers a wide selection of other classes, ranging from beginner to advanced and new wave to traditional.

Class Prices:

  • Drop in - $25

Austin Prenatal Yoga

Austin Prenatal Yoga is the only yoga studio in Austin that specializes specifically in prenatal yoga. But don't worry, once your child is born, they do offer postnatal classes (both with and without your baby).

Class Prices:

  • 1 class - $13
  • 5 class pass - $60 ($11 per class)
  • 10 class pass - $100 ($10 per class)

The Little Yoga House

The Little Yoga House offers many varieties of yoga, including prenatal and postnatal yoga. When the little one is born, they even offer baby yoga and toddler yoga!

Class Prices:

  • Drop in - $25
  • 5 class pass - $100 ($20 per class)
  • 10 class pass - $180 ($18 per class)

Wild Heart Yoga

Wild Heart Yoga offers prenatal yoga for all levels of practice and all three trimesters of the pregnancy. The studio also offers a number of different types of yoga classes, including kid yoga for ages 4-12.

Class Prices:

  • Drop in - $22
  • 5 class pass - $90 ($18 per class)
  • 10 class pass - $160 ($16 per class)

Lotus Babies

Lotus Babies offers prenatal yoga at Austin Area Birthing Center as well as private sessions in your home. In addition, they offer prenatal and postpartum services including birth doula, postpartum doula, and placenta encapsulation.

Class Prices:

  • Drop in - $17
  • 8 class pass - $120 ($15 per class)

If you have additional recommendations for prenatal yoga in Austin, we'd love to hear from you! Shoot us a note at or text us at (512) 580-9204.

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