Staying up to Date with Pediatric Care During a Pandemic

Vaccination rates for children have dropped significantly during COVID-19, but in-home visits can be a great way to stay up to date.
The COVID-19 pandemic is changing every aspect of our daily lives, and that includes the way we receive and deliver healthcare.

More than anything, the devastation caused by the novel coronavirus reminds us that vaccines save lives. However, as Austin and the rest of the country extend the shelter-in-place recommendations further into the future, we know that concerned parents are skipping scheduled pediatrician visits in order to stay out of the doctor’s office.

As a result, the rates of vaccinations are plummeting around the country. What’s more, pediatricians are unable to monitor the growth, nutrition, development, and physical exams of their patients. We must ensure our children receive the preventative care they need, which is why Modern Pediatrics is trying to make it easier than ever for parents.

As highlighted in a recent KXAN investigative report, in-home visits are an increasingly attractive way for families to stay up to date with their pediatric care during the pandemic.

Although the necessity of in-home pediatric visits and 24/7 virtual care has become more obvious in the midst of COVID-19, we believe this care model is the future of pediatrics.

The family pediatrician making house calls in olden times has given way to an office setting where providers will see thirty or sometimes forty patients in a single day. And that’s not good for anyone: caregivers, patients, or burned-out medical providers.

It’s no secret our medical system is broken, and pediatrics is no exception. At Modern Pediatrics, we believe our model for taking care of children is one important part of the solution.

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