What to Look For in Your Austin Pediatrician

Your child is on the way, and you're struggling to find a pediatrician that’s a great fit for your growing family. What should you look for in your Austin pediatrician?
It may seem like there are hundreds of pediatricians in Austin, Texas. How are you supposed to know who would be the best fit for your child and your family? If you're confused about who you should choose for your Austin pediatrician, we have some guidance that may help you make the right pick.

1. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who Offers A Getting-to-Know-You Visit

Many pediatricians offer a getting-to-know-you visit. This is the best time to ask all of your questions. Try to come prepared for each appointment. Make a list of questions for the provider to answer about their practices and beliefs. Just as important, however, is paying attention to the way the provider communicates.

For example, are the questions communicated in a way you can understand? You have a right to understand your child’s medical information in the future. Was your question actually answered, or does it seem like the person didn’t really listen to your question? Did they ask if you have any more questions before ending the meeting. It’s easy to forget to ask all your questions about your child when you’re exhausted and feeling rushed.

2. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who is Up-to-Date

You may find a pediatrician who has many years of experience, but sometimes experience makes providers resistant to change.

Pediatric research is happening constantly, and best practices change all the time. You want a pediatrician who stays up-to-date with the latest studies, so they can share those evidence-based recommendations with your family.

Be sure to ask your provider about the ways they stay up-to-date, and ask for a recent example of a situation where their own practice has changed based on new research.

3. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who Teaches Newborn Prep Classes

Many pediatricians offer classes for parents. You should make sure that the pediatrician you choose offers classes for you, since they can be a great way to get to know them, their approach to care, and communication style.

Classes can cover a range of important topics, and are useful for any parent to learn more about the most recent findings and best practices. Even if this is your second or third time around, there’s always something new to learn.

Some pediatricians offer free classes as well, which is especially attractive considering newborn prep classes are usually expensive.

4. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who Offers In-Home Visits

From scheduled well visits and vaccines to sick visits, the in-home care model provides convenience for you, and comfort for your child.

Although very few pediatrics practices offer this level of service, it is becoming more common as families and providers begin to recognize the many benefits. If the practice you’re considering does not offer an in-home care model, you could ask if this is something they are adding in the future.

5. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who is Always Available

It may sound obvious, but with children you never know when something concerning might occur. Make sure the pediatric practice you choose has an on-call provider who’s available 24/7. Hopefully you won’t find yourself in that situation, but it’s important to know the option is there if you need it.

Unfortunately, many pediatrics practices are outsourcing these after hours situations to call centers who don’t know you, don’t know your child’s medical history, and take calls from all medical areas, rather than specializing in pediatrics alone.

6. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who Has Transparent Pricing

As we all know, healthcare costs can get confusing and add up quickly. Not to mention they can vary so wildly from provider to provider. That’s why it’s important from the start to make sure you’re clear on the costs you can expect from the provider you choose. 

One important consideration is whether there are any hidden costs or fees your pediatric provider will charge for other common occurrences beside the visits themselves. Some pediatricians will charge fees for things like after hours calls, virtual telemedicine visits, or providing required letters for schools/daycares.

7. Find an Austin Pediatrician Who Is Connected to a Reputable Hospital

Unfortunately, things may not go as planned later in your child's life. They may need to go to the emergency room or even be admitted to a hospital.

When you're looking for your pediatrician, you should make sure they have great working relationships with the reputable hospitals in your area. That way whether it’s an emergency visit, or a few nights in the hospital, your child will still have strong continuity of care with their pediatrician.

Picking Your Austin Pediatrician

As you can see, there are many things that you should take into account when you're choosing your child's pediatrician. The provider you choose is important. This individual will be your source of knowledge about everything having to do with your child.

If you're looking for an Austin pediatrician who has all of these qualities and more, look no further than Dr. Tim Porter. Dr. Tim and everyone at Modern Pediatrics is here to help you and your child through any problems you may have.

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